Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I Would Say To That Girl...Part 5

Me on my 16th birthday
My son, Jack, turns 16 this Saturday. It is quite a milestone in his life and I have been thinking about it all week. Yesterday, it hit me that in just 2 more birthdays, Jack will be a legal adult.  Still, as I watch him day to day, I am reminded that he is already more man than boy. And while I do miss the curly haired little guy with the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen, I am so proud of the young gentleman who dwells with me now. With his gifts and talents, placed in him by God, Jack has the potential to do great things. And with his heart for Christ, I know he will be a world changer.  At 16, new horizons are in his midst. More freedom. More responsibility. Every day, Jack becomes more of a man. As I look back and remember what it means to be 16, I remember the young lady in the picture above. This is what I would say to that girl...
Growing up is not about your age, it is about your character.  Some people never grow up.  Don't aspire to be like them. 
 You are growing up fast. Slow down, and enjoy what is left of your childhood.  The world will wait for you.
Driving is a big responsibility. Understand that your mother worries about the other goobers on the road that forget that fact. Cut her some slack when she is hesitant to give you the keys.
Make time for your friends.
Treasure your family. 
Fight with your Mom less and hug her more.
In the words of  your favorite singer, John Cougar Mellencamp..."Hold onto 16 as long as you can".

You have a curfew. You will understand one day. For now, accept it and know that you are loved. 
You will survive braces, and your smile will be even brighter when you are finished with them.
That twinkle in your eye is your trademark. It will be the thing that captures the heart of a boy you have yet to meet, but who will one day give you a ring and make you his wife.
Study hard. You are both smart and beautiful. Those grades will take you places.
 It's okay to be who God made you to be...the right people love you just as you are. 
The others are insignificant.
God is with you, even in the little things. Don't doubt his love for you.
 Nothing happens to you that hasn't first passed through God's hands.
 Rely on Him rather than yourself.
It has to be said...perms are a terrible idea.
Guard your heart and learn to trust the right people. And remember it takes some time and observation to figure out who they are in your life.  Some people are not who they seem. 

Life is both beauty and pain.  Both are essential to build character.  Appreciate the beauty and rest in it.  Learn from the pain and leave it behind.

  Don't take life too seriously.
Remember that cake is always a good idea.
Some advice...don't fret so much about your future.  It will all unravel in time, and it's going to be beautiful.  You cannot even comprehend all that God has in store for you. Good stuff awaits.
 Seize it all!