Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life To The Extreme

This morning, I woke up early and took a van load of teenage boys to the departure site for Extreme Camp 2011.

Their excitement was contagious as we drove to our church parking lot and loaded duffel bags, sleeping bags, and pillows onto the bus. Zip lines, swimming, and tons of fun await them at Camp Wow in Oklahoma. The boys could hardly wait to get out of the van and onto the bus.

For the next four days, the youth at FBC McKinney shall live life to the extreme. And while I hope this experience is everything they imagine, I pray that camp will be so much more than fun memories with friends. I pray they are moved by the Holy Spirit to embrace a life with Christ with the same excitement they are feeling this morning.

and self-control.

(Galatians 5:22-23 NLT)

These are the building blocks of living life to the extreme. "And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself." (Ephesians 2:20 NLT) So as my son and his posse' take in the great outdoors, I pray they also turn their hearts to their Savior. I pray they dig deep in His Word and come back changed by His grace.

For "our Lord is great and very powerful. There is no limit to what he knows." (Psalm 147:5 NCV) In Christ, we have life to the extreme.

I lifted this pic from Kim Preston's Facebook page...thanks Kim!! Jack is somewhere in that sea of blue. Over 400 FBC youth at Extreme Camp this year. Go God!!

Update: God is moving this generation, one heart at a time. During Extreme Camp, God called out over 100 kids who are feeling called to ministry in some capacity. To my delight, Jack was one of them. In addition, 47 kids chose to accept Christ and were baptized at Camp Wow. Praise God!

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