Friday, September 9, 2011

The Help

Last night, in need of a "Mommy time-out", I went out with two of my favorite gals to see "The Help". Set in the early 1960's, this movie poignantly illustrates the racial lines drawn between Americans, a few years before I was even born. Paid pathetically low wages, these brave black American women were hired as house maids in affluent white homes. The movie portrays what life in that era may have looked on both sides of the tracks in Jackson, Mississippi. Sadly, I imagine many others parts of our great nation looked similar.

Surreal to me in many ways, the movie offered a glimpse of an America, that thankfully, I do not recognize. "The help", as these women were labeled, were the ones responsible for the vast majority of household duties, including cleaning, cooking, shopping, and childcare. My favorite scene depicts a house maid speaking truth into the life of a small white child as she lovingly tells her..."You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

Though foolishly considered too lowly to even use the household bathroom, this woman had the awesome responsibility of raising up this child. Because of "the help", this little girl would grow to know her worth to her Maker, even if she didn't know it from her own mother.

Today, I am pondering my own "help". Now understand, I don't live in the America that hires house maids. The only one cooking, cleaning, and shopping at my house is yours truly. (With help from the Hubs when he isn't at the office...many thanks, Honey) And I would never allow someone else to raise my kids, for they are far too precious to me. Still, God has given me "help" as I raise up my children to take their place in His kingdom.

How grateful I am for teachers, youth workers, mentors, coaches, neighbors, and friends whose influence helps my kids to comprehend how cherished they are by their Creator. How thankful I feel for the numerous Godly influences my kids find in their midst. Without fail, these faithful individuals grant me support as I teach my kids to passionately seek after the LORD.

The days of childhood are fleeting, and passing faster than I would like. One day soon, my children shall each take a piece of me and "the help" into the future. I want my kids to know they are kind. Smart. Important. But, as a mother, and a woman of faith, it is my greatest prayer that my children will grow to fully comprehend that they are His. The Bible tells us to "train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is older he shall not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6). Clearly, a task this big requires patience, a well developed sense of humor, and a whole lot of "help".

So, if you are one of the many people making eternal investments in my kids, I owe you a debt which I can never repay. Your God-given gifts are priceless and they do not go unnoticed. Truly, my gratitude for all that you do has no limit. Thanks... for "the help".


  1. GREAT post. Thank you! Now I am going to thank some of my "help". ;)