Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love Everlasting

Her gown glistening in the pale moonlight, Cinderella enchanted her prince as they elegantly moved across the ballroom. Every time I see her dancing in her glass slippers, my heart dances along with Cinderella. Watching that darling girl twirl around with Prince Charming sends my heart soaring. As a child, I wanted to be “her“, one so fair as to captivate my prince. Something about that story speaks directly to my feminine spirit and awakens in me a desire to be sought in such a manner as she.

Like many girls before me, I experienced Cinderella-itis. There is nothing wrong with becoming mesmerized by the magic of a fairy tale. It is completely understandable that “happily ever after” sets the genuinely innocent hearts of little girls everywhere dreaming of a real life Prince Charming. However, fairy tales, no matter how endearing, are still just stories. We are, in fact, cautioned “to put our childish ways behind.” (1 Corinthians 13:11 NIV)

Unfortunately, many of us do not outgrow our need for the fanciful and we take this desire with us into adulthood. Looking for intimacy, we seek out our own version of Cinderella. We search for one whom we can charm and in return be charmed. And rather than grow in intimacy, we find ourselves lost in our fairy tale still longing to be known and loved. Many of us do not recognize this feeling for what it truly is...a deep-rooted internal compass leading us back to the One whose love never fails. Our Creator placed in us a spiritual longing for Him alone.

Deep in the heart of a woman is a little girl longing for God. And yet, many of us confuse our passion for God with romance. Rather than discovering our Heavenly Bridegroom, we find an earthly prince. Yet, we were not made by man for man, but by God for God. Placing our significant relationships in place of God will only lead us to heartbreak. No man, no matter how charming, can fill the spiritual need in the heart of a woman. Expecting such only positions our relationships for failure. Without an intimate relationship with God, we are left with an insatiable longing for His love. For it is God who "loves us with an everlasting love." (Jeremiah 3:13NIV) In time, the realities of daily life pierce our frail hearts while resentments make our love grow cold.

So let us seek after the LORD. Let our hearts be drawn to Him. Let us desire Him above all else. Only then will we find our heart's desire as we are truly free to love and be loved. After all, "we love because he first loved us." (1 john 4:19) We must put aside the things of children and instead grow as women of faith. For we are His bride and as “ a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.” (Isaiah 62:5 NIV)

Dear LORD,
Give us a great love for you. Let us seek you before all others in our lives. Help us to know you and reveal our hearts to you in a way that fills our need for you. We are your beloved and we are yours. Speak to our hearts and help us know beyond all doubt that we are adored by you. turn our gaze towards you that we may be yours.

Reflection: How deep is your love for God?

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