Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Royal By Blood

In late October, I was on a mission team in Vienna, Austria. While there, a new friend of mine, Carola, accompanied me and some of my teammates to the Schonnbrunn Palace. Once the summer home for the Emperor and Empress of Austria, the Schonnbrunn is truly a sight to behold. Taking in the architectural splendor of this palace, I gazed in wonder of its beauty. Walking through the courtyard gardens, I felt as if I had strolled into a dream, as golden leaves fluttered gently to the ground in the crisp cool air. My imagination was captived by the beauty around me. For a moment, I imagined myself in another place in time as royalty. I pictured a life of glorious luxury. Leisurely walks. Exquisite gowns. Delectitible food. And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate (It is Austria after all). What a life! As I amused myself with my daydreams, my new Austrian friend Carola burst my imaginary bubble with the realities of royal life in Austria. Rising early and carrying the burden of an empire, the life of an Austrian royal was sometimes daunting and heavy with responsibility.

Though I am not royal by birth, I was made so by Christ's blood. My royal standing began one silent night over 2,000 years ago when a teenage girl stepped into her destiny as the Virgin mother of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Mary's daily walk was immediately and eternally altered as she accepted the task before her and answered, "May it be to me as you have said." (Luke 1:38 NIV) Receiving salvation by Christ's gift on the cross made me an adopted co-heir with Christ. Likewise, I am challenged as God's child to answer His call with the same reverent obedience and humility as those women of faith before me.

Today, I tend many responsibilities as I meet daily demands, keep to my schedule, and care for my family. Like most people, I am given many circles of influence. Some circles are clearly known, and some are far less obvious. Through it all, I am challenged to remember who I am in Christ that I might point others to His grace. Being a woman of faith, it is my hope that my life, no matter how small in the economy of the world, may give glory to God and point others to His majesty. It is a heavy responsiblity. So, as I walk through my day, I am reminded to walk and talk royal, for that is who I am. I am a daughter of the sovereign King of Kings, and therefore I am instructed to "Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near." (Philippians 4:5) This day, I long to " act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8 NIV) In doing so, I point others to the LORD af all.

From now to everlasting, my position is secure. Surely I am a shieldmaiden of faith grafted into the family of God. I need not wait for my crown, for it awaits me in eternity. One day, I shall lay it before the feet of Jesus and praise Him evermore as a daughter of THE King.

Dear LORD,
We honor you as we ponder your majesty. How great you are Father and we are yours. Let us not forget who we are as we walk through our day. We are your precious children. Co-heirs in Christ. A royal priesthood. You declare it so. May our lives reflect your grace. We confess that our words and deeds do not always reflect our position with you. Forgive us for our failures and strengthen us anew for the challenges before us this day.

Reflection: Do your words and actions reflect your position in Christ?

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