Monday, September 13, 2010

InCourage Guest Post...Look Up!

Today I am being featured as a guest writer for InCourage, part of the Dayspring website, which is a division of Hallmark. I hope you will read the teaser below and then click the link below and check out the rest of the site. Much love and BE ENCOURAGED today!!

Dinner was served. The kitchen was cleaned. Lullabies had been sung and monsters were now triumphantly vanquished from the closet. At long last, my three children were safely tucked in their beds. The day was done. Yet, despite my weary state, I still had to take my evening run. I was tired and it was later than usual. Still, I resolved to keep my wellness commitment and dutifully laced up my running shoes.

As I stepped out into the cool night air, I looked out and let out a massive sigh. A long day, filled with back to school appointments and demands, had left me emotionally and physically weary. Desperate to recharge, I turned on my I-Pod and set out to leave my responsibilities behind.

At first my steps were laborious and seemed to mercilessly beat the pavement. Meanwhile, my mind began to sift events from the day into categories of victory and defeat. “Lord, did I please you today?” my tired heart beckoned.

Here is the link for the rest of the article. Just copy and paste to read on...


  1. I LOVED YOUR POST! I recenlty have started running too and love it.

    I am now following you! I'm guest posting for incourge in October too!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations (

  2. I commented over on (in)courage and then came for a visit! You are beautiful and so is your blog. I am thinking God let me here as I have been searching for graphics like this. Then I found out they are free. So thank you for that!

    My favorite part of your post was when you looked up! I could feel what you felt. You write very well!

    Love you! Grandma Patty Ann
    I have moved :-)

  3. Welcome to my blog ladies. I am so happy to meet you both and I am so excited that you were encouraged by the article. Have a blessed day. <3

  4. Hey, Heather! I loved your post at (in)Courage today. The summer skies here in Alberta have been filled with so many stars (at least when it's not raining) and I instantly related to your words. The beauty our God has created is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.