Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post on Stitches today

Hey everyone,
Today I am thrilled and excited to announce that my article is live today on the Stitches Blog. Here is a preview of the post with a link to the rest of the article. Have a blessed day and may God be glorified in your words and your deeds.

Speak. Praise. Love.

"I've been watching you for months. Sort of testing you. You know, trying to figure out if you really are who you SAY you are," my new friend shared openly. "You really do live for Christ. And it has helped me to wake up from my spiritual slumber." she said smiling.

Her words hung boldly in the air as their truth hit me between the eyes. While I rejoiced in her candid honesty, the words of my friend filled me with quiet trepidation. For while she saw the best in me, I was now keenly aware of my many human frailties.

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