Friday, May 21, 2010


"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD."---Psalm 27:14

After a long and somewhat discouraging day, I kneeled beside Sofie's bed and said a prayer over her as she sleepily laid her head upon her pillow. The first day of physical therapy since Sofie got out of her cast had not gone as I had anticipated.

While I had expected her to just stand up and walk, muscle atrophy had left her weak and unable to stand without assistance. It was now painfully obvious that the road before us was a bit longer than I had thought. I wanted to see my daughter run. I hoped to see the days of her injury behind us. After weeks of immobilization from a full leg cast and a wheelchair, I was tired of waiting.

As I leaned over to kiss Sofie's forehead, she put her little hands on my face and stroked my hair. "Do you know why I didn't pray for my leg tonight, Mommy? I think Jesus just needs me to give him some time," she said sweetly. Her wisdom pierced my heart as I heard God gently whisper, "Wait on me and I will strengthen your heart."

Many of us are waiting right now. Some are waiting on job or new opportunities. Others are waiting for healing and restoration. The simple truth is that sometimes God asks us to wait. And it's hard. Especially since we live in a fast food world of instant gratification.

Indeed, God continuously works behind the scenes of life as He prepares our hearts for His blessing. And as we wait, we must draw near to God for strength. Yes, sometimes we must wait on the Lord. But, He will not forget His children. Taking a cue from my little girl, we must remember, that sometimes God just needs some time.

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