Tuesday, March 29, 2011


You are beautiful.

Let me say that again...YOU are beautiful.

Not because of what the world says.
Not due to your waist measurements. Your hair color. Or a number on a scale.
Not because of your age. The number of wrinkles visible on your sweet face. Nor the accessories that you carry.

No. You are beautiful.
The One who created you declares it so!

In fact, "The king is enthralled by your beauty…"
(Psalm 45:11NIV)

God is captivated by the elderly woman, whose face is filled with lines and a knowing expression of peace and wisdom. He sees her radiance and calls her beautiful.

God is enamoured by the young lady, inspired and passionate, coming into her womanhood and becoming all that He intended. He guides her steps, sees her potential,and He calls her beautiful.

God is dazzled by that mother, struggling to raise her child up for Him. Caught in the culture war that says wrong is right and right is wrong. He hears her prayers, sees her courage and calls her beautiful.

And God delights in that little girl experimenting with her femininity as she cares for baby dolls, holds imaginary tea parties, and plays dress-up with her mother's high heals and old make-up. He sees her wondrous innocence and calls her beautiful.

You are beautiful, dear one. At every age. In every season of life. God calls you beautiful. Not in spite of your quirky imperfections, but because of them.

Believe it.
Embrace it.
Celebrate your unique beauty.

For the Lord longs to sweep you off your feet in a beautiful way today.


  1. You are wonderful. I read your articles and am so touched. I was just thinking to myself that if wasn't for facebook I never would have met you or known Kyle's cousin and the beautiful person you are. You are a blessing to us and I am happy to call you friend. We may never meet in person but I am still glad to call you family. God bless you today and in all things. I will continue to share your stories on facebook with the hope that some of my friends will be as touched by them as me. Love and prayers always,
    Kelly Sue Warden

  2. Wow! I want to read this everyday! I often don't feel this way unless I try...Thank you SOOOOO much for the reminder of how God truly does see me and who I really am! :)

    btw, you and anyone is welcome to follow my blog if you would like! :)

  3. Traci, I am so glad you felt encouraged by the message on my blog. Thanks for visiting and please come back again.